Creating Bright Futures, Locally and Globally

The Spark of Change: A Child's Journey

In Guatemala, a young child’s journey is often laden with obstacles. The road to education, filled with economic hardship, limited resources, and insufficient infrastructure, becomes a daunting path. But within these children lies a spark of change, yearning for the chance to grow. On average, only 6 out of 10 children complete primary education. This statistic is not a verdict, but a call to action. With our mission rooted in education and growth, we, at Manna Preschool, feel the urge to respond, to create a difference.

Daily Obstacles
  • Economic Hardship: The journey to education in Guatemala is often hindered by economic struggles, making it difficult for families to prioritize education.
  • Limited Resources: The lack of access to learning materials and qualified teachers poses a significant barrier to the educational progress of children.
  • Insufficient Infrastructure: A lack of safe and nurturing educational facilities stunts the possibility of consistent learning.

Empowering Through Eduction: Partnership

Manna Preschool is proud to collaborate with Conexión Sin Limites, a missionary association in Guatemala, to launch an educational initiative that nurtures growth and fosters learning. This partnership embodies our mutual commitment to empowering individuals through education. As a local association dedicated to providing spiritual and physical support to families, Conexión Sin Limites was in need of an educational sponsor. Manna Preschool has stepped in to fill this gap by creating a nurturing environment for preschool students, complete with a well-equipped building that facilitates learning. Our goal is to enrich the lives of up to 50 students within the first year of this partnership.

To learn more about Conexión Sin Limited go to:


Guatemala, despite its vibrant culture and resilient people, grapples with poverty, limited access to quality education, and social inequalities. Many children work instead of attending school, significantly hindering their chances of a brighter future.


Manna steps in to fill this gap. We're providing an infrastructure conducive to learning, creating an environment for preschool and elementary education. Our process involves not only setting up a building but also equipping it with the necessary resources to foster a love for learning and a passion for knowledge.

The Ripple Effect:
Impacting Lives, Building the Future